Maybe you’ve never considered it before, but what about pairing a classic, cool grey top with a pair of purple pants? It may sound like an unfamiliar combination, but a golfer musn’t be averse to surprising color schemes and intriguing patterns

First, there is the gorgeous purple color which has the vibrancy only found in nature and exotic plant life. There is both a femininity and masculinity to this color, as it lends itself to being a more sophisticated pink. Also, you can make quite a statement in purple, as it’s rather unexpected for fall.


Get some purple inspiration!

To add to this lush color scheme, what if you incorporated a soft grey that perfectly compliments the elegant purple? A cool metal or sharkskin grey is the perfect color for pairing, as it goes well with any fall color. Grey always seems to have a certain practicality about it, and this shade in particular feels timeless yet contemporary.


Let’s add a touch of grey to your outfit!

Ideal for everyday wear, the purple-grey combination is the essence of elegance. Are you looking for additional  touch of uniqueness? There we go with the lush patterns from Venetian arrasThe team at Chervò found particular inspiration for the Fall-Winter collection in a design taken from old Venetian arras, which are rich textiles like tapestries hung on the walls of a room.


Venetian pattern, an ode to the italian taste! 

Once again, the hint of historicity in Chervò’s otherwise contemporary creations is nothing short of a masterpiece.


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