As we’ve seen before, there is a Chervò outfit for every situation. And thanks to the playful summer 2016 line, you’re able to express yourself and have a little fun with color whenever, wherever. As the weather heats up this summer, implementing green into your wardrobe will leave you calm and refreshed.

You may have noticed the color green making a comeback as of late. Softer tones convey balance and equilibrium, while darker shades evoke wealth and warmth. Green is a particularly relevant color in the Spring and Summer as it symbolizes growth and rebirth.


The color green has healing abilities and relaxing properties that are sure to bring you happiness and harmony this season. Green is an emotionally positive color used in waiting rooms, hospitals, and meditation centers—areas where peace and calm are key. Heavy shades of green can also be opulent, denoting wealth and prestige, even conservatism. Green also symbolizes fertility and nature. It’s impossible to imagine a more versatile and evocative color through which you can express yourself.

This summer, whether you’re driving on the fairway or cruising down the highway, look to your Chervò wardrobe to convey your strength to persist, your willingness to endure. Donning the color green is sure to make you feel secure and prosperous while your opponents and cohorts feel nothing but green with envy.

Do you need green inspiration? There we go!


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