Chervò confirmed also in 2016 the partnership as a main sponsor of the international competition Dr Irena Eris Ladies’ Golf Cup that celebrated this year the 10th anniversary. The competition is one of the few events for Polish lady golfers to compete with peer golfers form other European countries. In 2011, the Polish Women’s Championship was also held during the competition.

Besides Poland, a record number of ladies from Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, France and Sweden, participated in the tournament.


This outstanding event is a not to be missed opportunity for Chervò that together with its long time Polish distributor SAT and its chain of sport lifestyle stores S’portofino established a long term partnership with the Dr Irena Eris ladies’ Golf Cup.

A Chervò polo shirt was included in the starter pack, a gift that was very much appreciated by all ladies participating in the tournament.


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