Chervò entered into a licensing agreement with Second Project concerning fully fashioned knitwear products.

Second Project

Knitwear represents an important line of products in the golf market that can be better served by the new license. The licensee, an experienced and cost effective manufacturer with production facilities both in Italy and Tunisia, will be selling the knitwear line directly, giving priority to current Chervò distributors.

Second ProjectThe line includes a wide range of knitted products, initially some 60 different styles, from active golf products incorporating the most advanced wind, water, and moisture management Chervò technologies to more lifestyle products with noble yarns including cashmere.

The licensed collection will be shown at the Chervò FW 2016 sales conference next November and will be available in store from July/August 2016. The collection will be positioned consistently with other Chervò lines at premium level, but with an excellent value for money ratio.

 Second Project will design products and develop marketing strategies in strict coordination and subject to the approval of Chervò, but will be directly responsible of all other aspects of the business including: production, sales management, customer service, logistics, invoicing, administration.


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