Nothing connotes luxury, sophistication, and romance more than the color Purple.

A woman in purple announces herself to the room confidently and with an air of elegance, but she also gives off a sense of the mysterious and the forbidden. She’s at home on the green, on the court, or perusing the wares of the most exclusive shops.


Let purple be your color when you are looking to add fantasy and dash of creativity to your afternoons or warm summer evenings. Lean into the enchantment that the color purple can illicit in its wearer as you draw the attention of your mixed double’s partner. Your day can easily go from serves and volleys to room service and candles.

Your choice in purple will show the world that not only are you romantic and elegant, but that you have the confidence to stand out and be unconventional. What better way to distract your opponent than by donning a mesmerizing purple top?

Purple is the rarest color in nature, and in purple you are showing that you are also a rare and exotic find. And let us not forget that purple is also the color of royalty, so be prepared to be pampered and fawned over like you are a queen every time you step onto the green

Take a look to our purple inspiration here!


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