With Christmas approaching, I’m sure there are several expectant golfers on your list. Or maybe you’re looking to drop some hints of your own to the friends and family in your life. Below are some options ranging from simple gifts for the guy you know at the driving range to once-in-a-lifetime experiences for someone very important in your life.

1. Playing golf with a PGA professional at St. Andrews

If you have a golfer in your life who has been very, very good this year, there can be no better gift than a trip to the birthplace of golf. Play St. Andrews with a PGA Pro, who will go 18 holes with you and then provide feedback and analysis of your performance. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Golf lessons with a teacher to the Pros

Perhaps someone you know wants to sharpen their golf skills. If so, there is no better gift than time with a golf teacher. Find some of the most well-known swing coaches in the world on this list, teachers whose students include Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. Be warned, this gift will certainly not be cheap, but there is no better way to improve your game!

3. Golf Books and Travel Guides

Books are always a reminder of the great game, any time of year. Consider a selection of photo books celebrating the most beautiful courses across the planet. Or, if you’re shopping for a more travel-focused person, how about a guide to playing the 1000 best courses on earth? It’s a gift that keeps on giving since you certainly won’t finish all 1000 in a single season.

golfer gift 1

4. Sky Caddie Pro

Maybe Butch Harmon’s rates are a bit too rich for you. If so, help that golfer in your life with the SkyPro Swing coach. It attaches seamlessly to your club below the grip, analyzes your swing, and sends all the information to your smartphone for easy review. The Sky Caddie Pro is a brilliant tool for improving while you play.

5. A set of irons and woods from some of the best brands in the world

Maybe it’s time to replace those old clubs in your bag. Below are some of the best and most renowned golf club manufacturers in the world. Give the golf lover in your life an upgrade on the course by upgrading the clubs in their bag.

Honma Golf 

6. Range Finder

Are you 100 yards out and ready for your wedge, or is it about 130 and time to pull out your nine iron? A range finder will help you make smarter decisions on the course and improve your experience of the game. The options below range from the low end to some very expensive high tech solutions.



7. Golf Bag

Maybe it’s not the clubs in your golf lover’s bag that are due for a refresh, but the bag itself. From new, modern-style bags to classics designed by someone of the best regarded brands in the world, there is something for every golf aficionado in your life. Refresh their look on the green—and ease the burden on their caddie—with a brand new golf bag.

8. Personalized Golf Shoes

Walking the course on a perfect afternoon is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to get exercise. Why not improve that experience even more with your very own personalized golf shoes. Not guaranteed to improve your game, but this pair will certainly make your feet happier after the round is done.

Roberto Botticelli 
Raimondi Golf 
Nebuloni golf store 

Golfer gift9. Tickets for the Upcoming Ryder Cup in France

What an exciting Ryder Cup that just finished up. With the US winning a decisive victory, 2018 is shaping up to be an epic showdown. Will Team Europe be able to take the Cup back on French soil? Send someone you know on a unique and memorable experience with tickets to the next Ryder Cup showdown. Buy them before they’re gone!

10. Chervò

And, of course, for all the golf lovers in your life, load up on Chervò’s line of specialty clothing.  Since you’ve been such a great gift-giver, get some for yourself as well.



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