You don’t gear up unless you’ve read your horoscope? Good. Here is a humorous guide of your zodiac sign (or the one of your opponent).

Aries: sign of fire, ruled by Mars

Brave, energetic, strong-willed, with great leadership skills. Often people under the Aries sign love to lead even though it would be better to follow.

Aries are full of life and have a lot of energy, making this sign restless, always looking for a challenge. Aries tend to excel in every competition they take part in, regardless if physical or cognitive.

For this reason, a Aries golfer is a perfect partner for team formats (scramble or greensome) since you can always count on their tenacity, which is always useful!

As long as they have the chance to prove their talent Aries are satisfied. Also, those born under this sign feel more alive when they have the situation under control. Often, they can get quite impatient, in particular when they have to follow the orders of less talented players.

It is easy to recognize them because they tend to help their teammates with brief golf lessons, even when they are not asked to do so: put your weight to the left, improve your grip, complete your finish well, hold your head steady, move your kart and so on…

Strenghts: very energetic, Aries have no problem dedicating endless hours practicing their golf skills or on projects. Aries are very detail-oriented and perfectionists. Perhaps they won’t hit the longest drives, but they will surely hit them straight.

Weaknesses: Aries have a tunnel like vision. In other words, they focus so much on what they are doing that they could appear selfish. They can become impatient with those who don’t have similar characters and mindsets, and often you can hear them complain about other players.

In conclusion, Aries golfers are good teammates on the golf course and off, for a couple of drinks after a long day.


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