A water sign, governed by the Moon.

Emotional, creative, seeks security, a family.

The crab is the symbol of this sign for a good reason. The typical Cancer person is stable and confident, the armour of his family and dear ones who are his life and tends to protect.

Like the crab, sometimes going forward by moving sideways, backing away from a direct conflict, preferring to reach the goal in other ways. The important thing is getting to the destination.

On a golf course this means often playing in the rough, in the woods, like pinball, rarely seeing the fairways but in the end always playing for par!

Cancer is by nature courageous and protective and manifests disagreement or discomfort by becoming shy, reserved and moody. Cancer is a water sign, so their personality always includes a touch of mystery that adds to their charm.

Strengths: Cancer has an unusual sense of humour, often finding things funny that do not make others laugh: do not worry if they laugh at your bad shot… this is how they are, and is not done with any malice.

Weaknesses: Sometimes they can be moody, clingy, and often becoming incredibly insecure if they feel they are about to lose a friendship or the love of someone close to them. If necessary they are willing to lie, but often only because of insecurity or because they are afraid of being alone.

That’s why you have to be careful around the cancer golfer, especially in pairs competitions, sometimes, even though going along with you, they do not dare disagree with your choice of iron or an impossible shot.


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