Gemini: cerebral, talkative, lover of learning, fascinating and adventurous.

The sign’s symbol is a pair of twins. This is because those born under this sign rarely like doing something on their own.

Nothing makes them happier than sharing ideas and concepts with others.

For this reason, Gemini are the perfect companions for team competitions like the Louisiana or the Greensome.

Gemini are inquisitive and love to be in the midst of people. They express themselves at their best during dinners and parties, because they can talk about everything with everyone with no problems. 

The Gemini is adventurous by nature and loves to travel because this gives the opportunity to meet new people and have new experiences, experiment with new ideas and learn new concepts. Gemini are born under an air sign, so they have a solar personality, predisposed to relationships with others, and an out-of-the-ordinary likeability that seems to attract people.

It is an incredibly creative sign with brilliant intuitions; there is nothing more fascinating than seeing the spirit and the smile with which they come out of the bunker with a wood and invent shots that for most of us seem (and are) impossible.

Strengths: They are great conversationalists and fascinating people. Speaking with Gemini is always an interesting experience. They have a great sense of humour and are generally optimistic. They are able to have fun with little just to fight boredom and are also particularly pleasant (compared with other zodiacal signs) after the competition: they talk about golf, but do so with a special grace.

Weaknesses: They love to be the focus of attention; at all times. If they realise they are not the centre of attention, they leave the scene. Whether it is a question of relationships, career or friendships, when they are too focused on themselves, they tend to become hateful and rude.

So with a little effort it is easy to make them happy: just tell them “what a nice shot”, “what a beautiful swing”, “what a long shot” … in short, a little lie for a good cause.


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