Pisces tend to be dreamers, always thinking of big ideas and making plans that might be too grand to realize. In golf, this could be a problem, in the sense that a tendency to dream could interfere with your ability to assess your limits.

Pisces are incredibly sensitive and aware of others’ feelings; they don’t enjoy seeing others unhappy. For better or worse, a Pisces actually suffers when their opponent gets a double-bogey.

Strengths: They are highly empathetic people, with an almost psychic sensitivity. They realize every little nuance in the behavior of those they face off against, often sharing empathetically in the suffering present in their every shot.

They feel the need to be close to those that are less fortunate but find themselves often involved in unexpected drama, even though they are golfers.

Weaknesses: The sensitivity and empathy that distinguish Pisces sometimes make this zodiac sign inclined to slip into sadness and, worse, a kind of pessimism that leads to depression, especially when taking shots on the green.
The tendency toward indecision on their part is due to fear of consequences of their decisions on others. Sometimes because of their indecision they may need a kind nudge or some other sign to complete tasks on time. So if you’re playing a game with a Pisces, you can expect another foursome to play through.

In the field, it’s easy to recognize a Pisces: you’ll find them near (or in) the water hazards.


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