People born under the sign of Taurus are cheerful, controlling, trustworthy, grounded, provocative, and very sensual.

Taurus’ symbol, the bull, fits the innate nature of the sign perfectly: these are quiet and methodical people, decided in their actions, relaxed, but ready to enjoy all the pleasures of life. Food, drink and sex are the pleasures sought by the typical “Taurus”, who works hard in order to enjoy them.

That’s why many people of this sign play golf. Firstly, because golf is a great pleasure of life, and secondly, because it an activity that, after the eighteenth hole, offers a lot of things that people born under the sign of the bull adore: great food and excellent wines.

It is hard to anger a bull, but if you do, be prepared to pay the consequences. Generally they are people who aren’t in a rush, and can take a long time to decide what to do with their lives. This characteristic often means they are slow on the course.

Those born under this sign prefer living in the countryside as they are innately in touch with nature, another reason that makes them love the green fairways and the woods where those little balls often end up (perhaps they love those a little bit less…).

Strengths: Tauruses often finish what they have started. When they make a decision it is usually the right one. In golf if they have decided to pull out a 7 iron they will hardly ever change their minds, even if they are on the green. 🙂

Weaknesses: Tauruses can be stubborn and unrelenting, especially when it comes to their own ideas. This can be a problem when trying to collaborate on a shared project, so it’s better not to choose them as a partner for competitions like greensomes or a scramble.

On the green you can tell who the Tauruses are because they are always calm, except when they miss a shot. If you’re playing with with one of these bulls, don’t wear red, you never know!


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