At first, it was Caribou

Something interesting that emerges as one learns more about our sportswear brand, is tied to the story of the brand’s name itself.

Caribou: this is the name that the Erlacher brothers registered for their collection of ski clothing that in just a few seasons had become a great success not only in Alpine countries, but also in America and Japan.

The caribou is an animal that evokes Northern American territories, for which the two brothers felt an affinity, that belongs to the world of snow and nature in origin and attitude.

Similarly as the reindeer it could have well represented the world of winter sports

Unfortunately however, during a business trip in America, Manfred Erlacher discovered that the brand was already registered and being used by another company. But what solution could there be for the name of a quickly growing company without giving up their American dream?

Which name would they choose? Another animal with antlers? Impossible: they were all registered already.

There was nothing left to do except to create a made up name that evoked, on par with the caribou, an animal with antlers, that could salvage the accent on the last syllable, that everyone would like.

And that is how they decided to create the name Chervò: not a Cervo (deer in Italian), but a “Chervò.

How do you pronounce Chervò? A bit French, but evocative of the nobile Italian ungulate who is on an impressive stage:


What does the deer symbolize? The deer is a symbol of vital regeneration, for its ability to grow new antlers, that are also comparable to the branches of trees for their allegorical value of the development and union between the stronger and weaker forces. Therefore the antlers are a symbol of longevity and of the continuous cycle of rebirth.

Also from a graphic perspective, the brand had its own evolution over the years:


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