The perfect match has arrived! This winter, we’re certain you’ll embrace an updated wardrobe that includes Pantone’s Oak Buff, a glorious shade of misted yellow, and Aluminum, a shade of cool steel.

Oak Buff is one rarely seen as of late, but it will be making an elegant comeback this season. The golden yellow adds a delightful touch of optimism to any cold weather ensemble. We suggest pairing it with Aluminum and black for a sophisticated winter look.


The cool Aluminum harkens back to the early American motorcycle racers of the 1920s and 1930s. Lean into the vintage feel this winter and consider incorporating an Oak Buff long-sleeve polo into an outfit by adding a black athletic zip-up jacket and Aluminum / steel grey pants. Or, mix it up a bit with an Aluminum / silver-grey pullover, black jeans, and an Oak Buff puffy vest and beanie to accent the ensemble.

The golden yellow Oak Buff itself has been described by Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director as “a mellow, comforting, and warming shade that brings good feelings.” With the added sleekness of Aluminum and black, Chervò has developed a line of outfits with colors that break through the bleak season and truly seek to nurture and comfort.


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