Don’t we all wish we could get away with playing golf in the office?

Let’s face it, your 9-to-6 is just a way to earn the cash you need to support your golf habit. With these five tips you’ll find yourself closer to the weekend, and the green.

golf in the office1. PUTTING GREEN – Remember the days when businessmen closed deals over a scotch and a handshake? With an office-sized putting green, you can bring it back to the Mad Men era and get to work on your short game.

2. PRACTICE YOUR SWING – Don’t like what your boss said in that meeting? De-stress by focusing your energy on your swing. This simple exercise serves to prepare you for the weekend’s tee-time and your next presentation.

3. DESKTOP GOLF KIT – Bring the putting green to your desk without ever having to leave your chair! Get your confidence back on this miniature golf course by practicing your putting aloneor hitting a hole-in-one with coworkers.

4. GOLF GAME APPS – Use yourphone for more than just texting and checking email. Golf game apps like Tiger Woods PGA Tour are perfect for satisfying yourdesire to be on the course while you’re sitting through a boring presentation.


5. WATCH GOLF MATCHES ON YOUR WORK COMPUTER – Whether it’s live-streaming a tournament or re-watching a YouTube video, an office with closed doors is the perfect arena forentering the world of golf during work hours.

Don’t try this at home…only in the office!

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