Maybe you’re too busy at work or you live too far away from a golf course of driving range. How can you get in a round of golf when the world around you is not greens and fairways? Well, necessity being the mother of invention, here are a few ways people have found to itch their golf scratch.

Urban Golf

Watch out for the rough on the 6th hole or you’ll be hitting your ball out of that old factory. Now, with urban golf, what seems like a fantasy (or a really destructive afternoon) makes the world around you the course. Using practice balls, or even tennis balls, players will play on streets, grass, and everything in between. Urban golf is a growing activity played in major cities around the globe and even has its own governing bodies and tournaments. So, if your clubs are in your trunk and you’re feeling adventurous, try to play for that par 5 on the parking garage across the way—just watch out for oncoming traffic.

street golf

Ice Golf

Summer goes by quickly, just blink and you’re staring out your window at a winter wonderland and counting down the days until you can get back on the course. Well, for some intrepid golfers, that six inches of fresh snow is exactly what they were waiting for to get started, as the name implies, ice golf is played in the most extreme elements and, as you can imagine with snow drifts changing temps, the course can change from minute to minute. If you really want to get extreme, you can you can even head to the World Ice Golf Championships, held yearly in Greenland, north of the Arctic Circle. The course changes each year, depending on snowfall and ice flow, so watch out for the glacier on the back nine.

ice golf

Plastic Golf Club Battle

Want to play but don’t have your full set of clubs with you? Borrow some from a kid you know and let your inner child run wild. Now your backyard is the course and you set up all the hazards, maybe it’s a floating green in the pool, or maybe the shrubs in the front serve as wicked rough. Grab an old Fisher Price set and get creative—the world (or more specifically, the area around your house) is your oyster.

Nintendo WII

Ok, it probably won’t help your swing or add any distance to your drive, but if you’re in a real bind to pass the time, look no further than your Wii for golf entertainment. Whether it’s simple Wii golf, or something more immersive by Tiger Woods and EA Sports, you can certainly get in many rounds without worrying about greens fees or even changing out of your bathrobe. Just don’t expect all of that practice to necessarily translate the next time you’re out on a real course!



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